Meet the Artist

The beginning

Laurent Saint-Ar was born and raised in Paris, France where he started to develop his talent.

Having received degrees from two of the most awarded art schools in France, he started planning to move to the U.S so he could pursue his dreams.

The journey

Laurent first moved to San Francisco, California in 2004 where he began showing his work in galleries. He always enjoyed creating art and started by painting portraits of his two children as the years went by.

After some time, the collection of portraits he made grew and people near Laurent asked to commission portraits. This was the moment Laurent would be able to focus solely on his own work.

The Current Day

Today, Laurent resides in West Palm Beach, Florida where he continues to paint portraits in his studio. With over 30 years as an artist and more than 500 portraits completed, Laurent is thankful to have the honor of creating invaluable heirlooms for so many different families. We would love to offer you that chance as well.

Commission a Portrait


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  • Public

    • Fire Department, Bonita Springs, FL
    • Sheriff Department, Orange County, CA
    • The Joyful Child Foundation, CA
    • Guide Dogs for the Blind, CA
    • Rotary International, Chicago, IL
    • Museum of American History, PA
    • COMLE, Foreign Legion, France
    • 1st Foreign Infantry Regimen, France
    • 6th Regimen of Cuirassiers, France
    • Museum of Murol, France
    • Church of Chamalieres, France
    • City of Vernon, France
  • Private

    • Carole Bayer Sager
    • Yvette Mimieux Ruby
    • Ben Crenshaw
    • Raymond Floyd
    • Jon Peters
    • Don Rickles
    • Albert Pujols
    • Sir Richard Branson
    • Margaret and Jerry Perenchio
    • Kelly and Robert Day
    • Robert Daly
    • Kevin Huvane
    • Iris Porsche
    • Jacob Koo
    • Irene and Joe Roth
    • Ann and Jerry Moss
    • Nancy Daly Riordan
    • Donald Suffer
    • Barbara Davis
    • Donald Sofaer
    • Una Davis
    • Susan and Mel Geleibter
    • Chuck Carrington
    • Liesl and Wayne Ferreira
    • Mindy and Jon Peters
    • Erica Brunson
    • Barbara Bollenbach
    • Jane Booke
    • Soheila and David Adelipour
    • Laurie and John Scott
    • General de Pichot de Champfleury
    • Heath Ledger Estate
    • Paulin Paris
    • Gilena Simmons
    • General Yvon Lambert